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User Training

     No matter how secure your network and devices are, people are still one of the top ways that attackers get into your network and steal your data. Attackers use Social Engineering to find ways into your network and being able to avoid all of the security. This can be done through email, having unsuspected people plug in unknown devices, setting up websites to steal information, an Insider Threat (employee, contractor, or someone that has granted access) and even befriending a person to convince them to share information that would not be generally shared.

     This can be mitigated with proper training so your team has the knowledge to recognize potential attacks and what to do if they are suspicious of an attack. We provide training through methods like Power Point, Scenario Examples, in Person or Over Video Calls, and even share experiences that we have seen ourselves or know of.

      Whether you choose us for your training or not, we HIGHLY RECONMEND that this training is done annually at minimal and required for everyone in your company. Training like this can potentially save your company from losing millions of dollars or even shutting down.

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