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Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry is one of the top targeted industries for cyber attacks. We provide up to date HIPAA Training, Employee Assessments, Phishing Simulations and security standards that meet the requirements of Cyber Insurance Agencies. With our services and HIPAA compliant training, you will know that everything is being done to protect you from attacks now and in the future. The Healthcare Industry has become 1 of the top 5 Industries that is targeted yearly for cyber attacks and vulnerabilities.

HIPAA Compliancy and Support

Our MSP Package meets HIPAA compliance's. We have all of the cyber training that you need to ensure that you and your employees are staying compliant and up to date on important information. We conduct employee assessments so you know where your employees stand on knowledge of cyber security regarding HIPAA. We also provide all of the proper security measures to ensure that you and your network are secure. Our Top-Tier 24/7 support and monitoring will give you ease of mind knowing that we are always there for you when you need us and are always actively monitoring your network.

Did You Know?

  • The Healthcare Industry experienced a 44% rise in hacking incidents in 2021.

  • 48% of small to medium-sized hospitals were forced to shut down after a cyber attack.

  • Average cost of a cyber attack was $21,500 per hour during the downtime for larger organizations and $47,500 per hour for smaller organizations.

  • 60% of healthcare data breaches were cause by third party vendors in 2021.

  • Care homes have become one of the popular targets due to low security budgets and high value personal data.

  • Average cost of remediating a ransomware in healthcare is $1.27 million.

  • 81% of healthcare organizations were affected by phishing campaigns. (email scams)

Source: Expert Insights

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