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Law Firms

As a Law Firm, you are responsible for being professionally presentable in court from how you dress, how you act and being organized. You are working hard and stressing over cases, you want to have a network that is keeping up with you and have instant access to files. With our Top-Tier Maintenance and Support, your network will always be up to date and ready to handle the work ahead. We also offer top of the line cloud storage solutions so your data can be secured in the best possible way and accessible when you need it. We can handle your network and storage so you can focus on your upcoming cases and appointments.


You have a lot of data and personal information of clients, storing all of this securely can be a hassle. With our cloud storage not only will your data be secure, but you will have instant access to this data from anywhere. We also have back up services for when an disaster happens, you will not lose all of the important information that you have worked so hard attaining.

Did You Know?

  • In a study, only 35% of law firms reported having a security assessment done.

  • In this study, 33% of law firms reported having a client or potential client ask for the firms security requirements documents or guidelines.

  • 27% of law firms experienced a security breach, 25% were unsure and 48% reported not having experienced one.

  • 42% reported having an incident response plan.

  • The average cost of a data breach to a local practice is $36,000 and 31% of clients terminated their relationship with the firm afterwards.

Source: Exchange Defender

Source: American Bar Association

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